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Hey there, I’m Jo.


Life has so many doors for us to open and walk thru.

Some take us out into the wide open spaces; some make take us into a room with four walls. A room with a purpose, a room with intent.

Good grief! Some doors just seem to lead to more doors.

This is where I share about the doors that I’ve walked thru and vent about the ones I’m trying to open~



Single Parenting

Empty Nesting

Rebuilding Life Again at 40-he-hemmmm- something.



I have a passion for natural health, and guzzle juice and all sorts of weird green goop.

If you pay close attention, you may come across top secret ninja tips for writing, blogging, networking, building the business of your dreams from home… and of course social media


I invite you to walk along side and  join my journey of faith, so we can discover together the purpose and plan God has designed for us. 


I am honoured that you’ve popped over  so, pour yourself a cup of coffee and hang for a bit.

Lets do what we do over coffee- visit…

I went first, now its your turn!

Tell me a bit about yourself in the comments below, your passions, your dreams,  the doors you are walking thru and you absolute faaaaavorite feel-good comfort food!  (and if they involve chocolate… recipes are definitely welcome Wink)

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About jo

Well, I am now an official "empty nester" - believe me when I say, I never would have imagined this day would come! I've been single momming for 20+ years and have successfully sculpted 3 amazing young adults. Now my heart is to love,cheer on, lift up and share those insights with other single parents who may feel they are going down for the count. Believe me when I tell you ~ There is so much hope! Besides that, I spend my time growing a vibrant and prosperous cyber home business, from my home amidst the wilds of Canada. How about you? You have a special and unique story, exclusive only to you! Oh yeeeessss you do! Why don't you reach out and tell me about it? I'll be waiting and watching

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