Successful Facebook Pages, Handcrafted with Your Local Community Business in Mind

As a small business owner,
you already have about a million things to do every day.

Your Facebook page shouldn’t have to be one of them.

What would actually save you countless hours of your time would be to have

A Facebook page designed and maintained precisely for you.



Facebook can work for your business

It’s not always easy to establish and maintain your business’s Facebook presence.

Honestly, it can be down-right frustrating to find the time or the know-how to make it happen.


This Is Where I Come In


Just Jo Social is here just to help small community business owners – like you-  build a solid presence on Facebook

So when  your customers and potential customers look for you, they can find you!

But not only will they “just” find you; you won’t just “be there”

You will be  there consistently, establishing your relevance, credibility, and most importantly your relationship with them.

Why Facebook?


Ok, for the record, I don’t only do Facebook marketing.

But of all the social platforms in all the world, 

.. I LOVE Facebook.( Perhaps, too much somedays!)

Out of this passion, has grown a ultra specialization for all- things Facebook.

What that means for you, is that your Facebook business page will be receiving  exclusive and attentive representation by someone who has spent hours upon hours in mentor groups, closed groups, split tests, and Facebook research papers, learning just how it works.

To be completely frank, Facebook is -by far- thee most successful social media outlet for the small community business.

So if you are a ~

  •  small community business
  • mom-and-pop business
  • solo-preneur
  • independent franchise
  • non-profit organization
  • community organization
  •  anyone still undecided about the power and reach of social media for your business 


Facebook is your  forum of choice. No doubts about it!

Because even in the quaintest rural communities -even if they are no where else online- your ideal local visitor will be found on Facebook.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Facebook’s Local Reach 



Facebook is the one, single social media  site that you must master if your business is to skyrocket.


However, to relate to your customers you also must understand the rules of the ever-changing Facebook game.

Facebook does has a culture unique unto itself;

So, you will need to develop a vibrant and engaging Facebook page relevant within that culture.
With that done, your business will connect with people 100% targeted – interested and hungry- in what you have to offer. 

If you continue to let your Facebook fan page  grow into a hub of connection, communication and trust with your visitors- both new and old-  your business will rise to a whole new level of success.

What is Involved in Facebook Page Management?


Although, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media growth, your custom  Facebook social media package can include the following~

  • Regular, scheduled, optimally timed posts and content.
    So your customer will see you and begin to recognize your business as an “old friend”
  • Related industry page networking
    Part of winning the Facebook game is  “who you know” and Small Town Social will plug you in with the right online connections to promote your business page
    • Custom image creation
    • Custom tab creation
  • Targeted Facebook ad creation
    Grabbing your local business immediately with targeted ad takes some ninja skill in the wake of the ever changing Facebook algorithms  (that’s Facebook jargon for computer search codes)

Just Jo Social is actively engaged within the social media industry, and is on top of all the changes and tweaks as they happen.
This way you are assured that your business page will also adapt with every industry change and whim that may come.

  • Web page linking
    Already have a web page?
    That’s awesome, unfortunately the odds are your customer is not actively searching out your webpage.

So its time for you to go to where your customer is… on social media.

When you connect a social media presence to your web site you begin to create an unstoppable marketing funnel, that will draw interested customer from social media right to your personalized web sales page.

  • Staff training
    STS can hand -in- hand with your staff, to develop a Facebook page with a very personal character.

Or if you prefer to educate your inhouse staff in the wise ways of social media so they can competently run the show; that training is also available

    • Consistent 7 day per week posting including and especially holidays
  • Your unique Facebook brand and “voice” creation
    Intimacy and friendship  is by far the most endearing gifts that draws us to a small community.

You don’t just bank at the bank, shop at the store or consult with the accountant.
You have been dealing with Bob, served by Betty, and advised by Richard.

You know them and they know you.

By developing your unique “voice” your Facebook page becomes an extension of you, your business and your heart to serve.

If you allow your ideal customer to know you, trust you, and feel like a welcomed friend; they will go out of their way to do business with you


    • Legal Facebook contests and survey creation
    • Direct market email list building
  • Comment monitoring
    • Spam monitoring
    • Priority Reputation protection
  • Regular statistic analysis and reports
  • Keyword research and industry trend and niche research
    Stay on top of what current in your industry and what people are searching the web for will allow you  to meet their needs and turn potential customers into happy, returning customers.
    • Regular “think tank” meetings
      Your thoughts and your ideas are always a priority.
      After all, who knows your business better than you?
  • High quality copy writing

If all that sounds like too much to add to you or your staff’s already full job description then you need some one to manage your Facebook Page.

You need to contact me immediately.

If you have NO IDEA what many of those things mean or why they are even important;

Not to worry!

Every single feature of your Facebook package is discussed and  all your questions will be clearly answered.


What  You  Need to Know 


Your Business’s Facebook Page will always be  YOURS!

It will represent and reflect YOUR strengths, YOUR features and every ounce of sweat, tears and heart that you have poured into your business.

Because, Just Jo Social lives in and loves the small community business it is committed to building a healthy environment of long-term increase.

Not only do I believe that there is a vibrant and profitable place for even the littlest business on social media, but social media – specifically Facebook- was made just for the little guy.  

It is in that special space – showcasing your  exquisite uniqueness to the world – that  your business or organization can thrive.


For a limited time, Just Jo Social is including an additional  $120 Facebook Advertising Credit, for qualified contacts.

Yes, you read that right.

I will be throwing in $120 in Facebook promotional advertising, completely on the house!

This is immensely valuable to you because Facebook ads are your hardest-hitting tool

for getting your Facebook page  seen by exactly the customers  you want.

Are you  ready for your small community business to thrive and
finally crush the social media market?

Then, lets begin talking by filling out  the form below.

Lets plan to get your business alive and growing on Facebook .

** Important Note **

I do work exclusively with a limited number of clients – not dozens at a time – 

so if you want you business to boom on Facebook as quickly as possible,

please contact me right away as to ensure the benefit of undivided time and attention.


How can I serve you? Contact Jo with any questions, concerns or comments.

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