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Q: What is a Virtual  Assistant?
A: Quite possibly your answer to prayer!  🙂
A Virtual Assistant or VA is a skilled contract or freelance professional who provides a variety of office- related support    remotely via the Internet.


Q: Why do I need one?
A: Your time is valuable and you’re busy!
A Virtual Assistant will help you shave hours off your work week, so you can redirect your focus into the areas that need your expertise the most.
We can take the brunt of the repetitive, must-get-done tasks that slow you down, so you can concentrate on growing your business, spreading your message and  providing your service.


Q: What are the benefits of hiring a VA?
A: When you hire a VA you do not have to worry about training or providing a work space or equipment.
You pay only for the work you need done.
As well, you do not have the additional cost related to an employee; such as paying benefits, sick days costs, etc.
Bottom-line, hiring a VA is more flexible and very affordable.


Q: How am I billed?
A: All time is tracked and billed at  20 minute intervals, unless the client has purchased a single  project.
If that is the case, a proposal of the project is submitted for your approval.
A 50% retainer is required to proceed with projects, and payment is due within 7 days of all completed work.
For tasks that are on-going, or continuous (ie: daily posting) clients are invoiced every two weeks.


Q: How do I pay?
 Payment can be received by Paypal, Internet Bank Transfer or good ol’ fashion cheque.


Q: Is there a job that you consider “too small”?
 No, I regularly do tasks that may take less than ten minutes to get done.


Q: Are there tasks you can’t do?
Certainly there are areas I am not strong in.
Most importantly, I intend to honour you and your business with honesty and excellence.
I know how important a job done properly and professionally means to you.
If there is a task I cannot do – or do not feel I can do excellently- I will communicate that to you.
I will also work with you to find a suitable, qualified VA replacement.

Q: Do you outsource your work overseas?

A: No. Your work is completed right here in Canada.


Q: Do you work with clients in other countries?
A: Absolutely!  Just know that your work is being done in Central Standard Time, so communication is relevant around that time zone.


Q: How do you ensure confidentiality?
A: The safety of your information is top priority. All work is kept in secure folders. Your private information is protected with passwords and encryption programs  when required.


Q: How do we exchange work?
A: Typically I use Drop Box or a program such as Trello or Evernote, depending on the situation.
However, I am flexible and we can work around other methods of delivery.
There are many, many virtual programs that we can work with together, to get your work done efficiently and effectively.


Q: How do I contact you ?
A: You can reach me by phone,  text, email,  Skype  or on social media.  You can find the contact information you need on this page here
or send a note in the contact box provided below.


Q: Do you do house calls or in-office meetings?
A: Yes, whenever a visit is needed, it can be arranged.
Depending on the situation, appropriate travel fees may apply.




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