Moderation Policy


No ones likes criticism and typically no one goes out looking for it.


But part of stepping out onto the global stage is taking the chance of making you and your business a target for darts, whether justified of not.


People feel a boldness on social media that they do not feel anywhere else; as if a shield of anonymity surrounds them, so the can speak their mind safely.



Although, criticize may seem like anything BUT positive – when properly used it can be the first step towards creating brand advocates from nay-sayers. 



According to The Retail Consumer Report, commissioned by and conducted online by Harris Interactive in January 2011, of those who received a reply in response to their negative review 33% turned around and posted a positive review and 34% deleted their original negative review.


85% of consumers said they would be willing to pay anywhere between 5-25% over the standard price to ensure a superior customer experience.



Keeping these thoughts in mind, STS prefers to look at negative feedback as an excellent opportunity to begin to connect with your customer. When you begin to understand more clearly the likes and dislikes of a customer, you can serve them better.



Better service will always add up to better business and a better bottom line for you.


It therefore, would be wise to hear-out any criticism and try to build constructively from it.



Please date and sign that you have read and understood, or please discuss any alterations you would wish.



  • Small Town Social suggests you – the client- adapt a the good, the bad, but not the ugly” rule in your Facebook comments.
    Basically this means that we will leave the positive comments and the negative comments, but not abusive, foul, and inappropriate comments.

  • Posts will be taken down if they contain abusive remarks, offensive language, fraudulent posts, spam, commercial solicitations, link-baiting, etc.

  • If the commenter continues to comment negative, offensive remarks, they will be blocked if possible.

  • Priority moderation will be given to “Reputation Protection”.

    This means that if your contract with STS only allows a certain number of posting responses, first attention will always be directed to comments that risk painting you- the client- in a poor light.

  • All other responses to comments will be of a thankful and appreciative tone. Poster will be encouraged to share and engage more with a “do tell” or open-ended type response.

  • We DO NOT speak for your company’s business. Only YOU know your business.
    STS will not answer comments or questions directly related to company details or specific product information, pricing, etc, etc…



When these situations occur, STS will respond either of 2 ways~



1. posts will be responded to, with acknowledgment that the post is “being looked into/ redirected” and assurance that it will be responded to in a timely matter.



Then,you, the client, will be contacted with a flagged email explaining the situation or the post will be brought to the attention of the client’s administrative representative on the Facebook page.



2. Poster will be invited to contact the client directly.




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