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OK, so the numbers look like this:


* 52% of marketers find their customers via Facebook.

* 56% of fans of brands on Facebook are more likely to recommend those brands to others.

* 70% of people trust online reviews from strangers.

* Facebook fans spend 2x more with businesses than no-fans.

* 64% of Americans say social media influences their purchasing

* 50% of people say the brand’s Facebook page is more useful than its website

* 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites.

* 15% of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social networking sites.

* More than 1 billion people are on Facebook

* More than half of them logging in daily using the site for an average of 30 minutes each.


It’s obvious that Facebook – like it or not- is a massive part in our culture; influencing our lives and our even our daily routine.

Families, friends, communities and customers are gathering on Facebook and , if you want to keep current,
you need to get on board, as well.


So, you did it!


You built a Facebook page for your local business, community organization, non-profit, ministry
or for your own personal exposure


Way to Go!


Or perhaps you are  in the starting stages;
still creating your Facebook page and not certain of all the steps connecting the beginning to the end.


After all, you built your business on excellence – your page should be no different but what does an excellent Facebook page look like?


Maybe you still wonder if you even need a Facebook Page?


Lets be CRYSTAL Clear;
Facebook is Valuable to EVERYONE Who Has a Message to Share.


A strategically crafted Facebook page can be used many different voices for may ways.

Such as~


* Develop a relationship with your exact targeted client

* Create expose and interest to your product, service or story

*Build your brand and brand loyalty

*Share free information and awareness

*Connect with influencers in your common industry and interest

*Drive local business

*Create an email contact list

*Improve customer service

*Instant feedback

*Market and consumer research

*Surveys, Promotions and Pictures

*Get found by those who are looking FOR YOU!


Unfortunately,  for many Facebook page creators,  their page is enthusiastically launched but then set adrift,
alone and unmanned in the vast ocean of Facebook;
to be either lost at sea or run aground and go no where.


It can be a daunting task at hand  to keep that page effective, interesting and functioning properly.


Sigh…. If only the captain  had, had a map and a compass to show him where to go to find his treasure,
he may not have abandoned ship.

(Alright, enough with the ship analogies, but do get my point)


 Refuse right now to ever let that happen to YOUR Facebook page!



 When you fill in the contact information below,
you will receive an easy to follow, point-by-point, FREE Facebook Page Audit.


One that is very similar to the high-end Social Media Audits that I can charge clients hundreds of dollars to have done.


Think of it as the SECRET SAUCE to a Facebook page,
that so many other page owners (and maybe your competition) don’t even know exist!


With this tool you will discover exactly where your page may be missing the boat;
learn how to immediately correct it;
and how to strategically steer your page exactly where you want it to go.


Interested Contacts
Satisfied Customers
Ideal Connections



This resource teaches you to  leverage the influence of Facebook and create a lasting impression on your visitors .

  ( When you begin to see real-time results, and constant engagement with other living human beings,
it isn’t such a doggone drag to work on your page anymore, either  )


This valuable audit arrives in an easy access PDF format so you can save it, print it and keep it close at hand to pull out
-I recommend once a month
and re-evaluate your page with fresh perspective and keep those creative juices
-and page likes- flowing!


Afterwards, I will continue to keep you in the loop with my regular update that features  hints, helps and hacks that position you and your page on the cutting edge of
the ever-changing Facebook world.


>>>> Of course, that additional information is provided absolutely FREE for you, as well <<<<<


Stand Up, Stand Out and Shine on Facebook


I want to help you be found by your ideal connection and client
on the Number One Social Media Platform.


Don’t let your message or business be left behind -or lost-
in this age of social influence.


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