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When it comes to your business, what you need to do and what you want to do, may not be the same thing.

What you want to do, is be profitable and productive.

But what you need to do, still needs to be done.


Lets join together to eliminate that need-to-do workload, buy you back TIME, and find you   ROOM TO THINK!


I can master your office tasks, a vast variety of web and social media work, photo and graphic design and even that dreaded geeky side of your computer and mobile devices.

Below is the short version of what I can do for you.

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Create your work wish list, and then contact me.

It’s time to get you caught up, moving ahead, and taking new ground


Office  Assistance

Need a go-to for all your other online questions or computer tasks?

Whether it be bookkeeping, data entry, mailing lists, design, publishing, printing, document creation, computer set-up or computer clean-up,

 I will help you where you are, with what  you need done


For a detailed list of office related services  >> CLICK HERE <<


Social Media Consulting/ Creation/ Care

Do you need to be on social platform?

If so, which one?  Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?

I am able to advise you,  based on your specific goals and your specific market, the best social media route to go; get your social media presence established growing and producing  measurable results.

I am able to create and maintain your social media platforms or simply get you launched and hand the reigns over to you.


Blog/ Website Creation

Have you been wanting to get on line?  Your web presence always begins with  with a blog or a website. It will be your home address on the web where

Content Creation

Regularly posted and engaging content is the heart and soul of a healthy web site and social media pages.

Your internet hub needs to be a source of both inspiration and information to build relationship with your visitors.

I know just what to do and where to go to research those trending and valuable hot content topics in your industry. I will identify the best key words, and craft attention grabbing written content, personalized for your website or social media platform.


 For more details visit   >> the Social and Web Services page <<





Graphic Creation & Editing

The  world has gone brilliantly graphic!

Between the web with dynamic informative blogs and social sites created just for imagery such as Pinterest and Instagram , statistics are showing that pictures delivers higher engagement with a viewing audience.

Higher engagement always means a deeper connection to potential customers.

I only work with high quality graphics and creative photo programs to deliver striking picture content for advertising, printed documents, logos or web enhancement.


For more information on Graphic Creation and Editing services  >> Visit here <<



Back Office/ Tech Help

Your time is extremely valuable.

And to be honest, there is nothing that can swallow up half a day then a computer.

Whether you are tweaking a format , synchronizing an app,  or trying to load and run a new program,  it can be time consuming and down-right frustrating.

No worries, I’ve got patience enough for both of us, and am ready for any geeky challenge thrown her way.


Find more about the Geeky side of Just Jo Social follow this link  >>> Here <<<






Staff Training/ Speaking Engagements/ Workshops

Let’s work side-by-side with your people so you will have someone knowledgeable, in-house, to create and maintain your social media projects






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