Just Jo’s founding mama, Joanne Smith, has been connecting online since 2003 when she built and maintained her first web page.
Since that time she has built, coded and monitored many more websites.
Her interest in the world wide web has taken her from the backside, nuts and bolts of the internet, up front to the interactive human side.


Long before the social media we know now, existed, Joanne was social as an appointed moderator, educator and encourager on community bulletin boards and support forums.


Her desire to learn and share took Joanne into the web market place where she successfully created, published and promoted digital products in the health and faith genres.


Experience in eCommerce, Internet Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Publishing, Book Creation, Copywriting, Blog and Web Design, Jo’s  abilities will grow your profile online.


She will help you create and grow your internet presence simply, clearly and profitably in a way that makes sense for your business and fits into your schedule.

Joanne also has a solid background is office administration tasks.  She is skilled in all MS programs, email programs, newsletter creation programs, stock ordering, inventory, data entry, data base creation, basic bookkeeping.


Most importantly,she will free your valuable time and attention so you can continue doing what you do best; manage your business.


One of Joanne’s most enduring quality is  in her steadfast faith in the little guy.
Raised in a small rural community, she knows the quiet strength, commitment to excellence and never- give- up attitude that develops out of good old fashion hard work.


She understand the pressures, the passions, the frustration and most importantly the heart of the community neighborhood, which is why she is right at home on social media.


Joanne currently maintains Facebook pages , Twitter accounts and web pages, under the non-profit, self-growth, business, health, real estate niches to name a few
Joanne has received her social media training under Forbes Top 50 recognized Social Media influencers Sandi Krakowski, Kimm Garst, and  Andrea Vahl.
Joanne has committed to personally investing in ongoing, engaged mentorship programs with Sandi Krakowski  which will guarantee her clients  laser- sharp accuracy and up- to- date industry skills and tools and trends.


Joanne has several years hands-on experience in direct sales and high-end retail sales expertise through her local home -town furniture store.


With an extensive background in in natural and alternative health  she continues to offer her services as a personal natural food coach.


She is a single mom of 3 children; Shastan, Summer-Grace  and Trevor.


She continues to live, raise her children on the family farm and is  involved in a small rural community in Manitoba, Canada



Joanne and Just Jo Social is here to answer all your questions about making social media, web design, online marketing and virtual office assistance work for you.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, a non-profit, bricks and mortar store, an online store or an individual with a message, Joanne can help.


How can I serve you? Contact Jo with any questions, concerns or comments.

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