I need to state this for the record; You guys and gals are my heroes.

I absolutely admire you.

Brave beyond words!  Every one of you.

Determined. Focused. Nerves of steel. ROCK STARS!!!!


Yup, YOU

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Independent Reps, Visionaries, Off-the- beaten- track Trail Blazers.

Each of you who has ever leaped out on your own in the market place, to bring your world something BIGGER.


Its hard work.  Extremely hard work.

Your mornings tend to be a bit of a blur;

Racing out the door with a glug or two of hot coffee, hopefully in your mouth and not on your shirt.

Lunch breaks are spent whittling away the endless list of errands;

Stop by the bank. Connect with that client. Pick up inkjets. Drop invoices in the mail. Grab a coffee.

Most evenings will find you still at work – just finishing a few things– long after the front door is locked and everyone else is  gone, and

if its an exceptional day, you’ll get home  just in time to tuck in kids.


Sick days and Satuday’s off ?  They just don’t apply to you, cause well, HEY… you’re the boss.


You sacrifice, give and stretch all because you are absolutely passionate about what you do.

Your business. Your organization.  Your product. Your trade.

You believe it matters.  You know it can make a difference.

You know YOU can make a difference.


Alright,  I’ll just come out and say it..

You also  know you can grow a good business and a good deal of money.

There’s nothing wrong with that! Not at all.

That is exactly why  I admire you.

You’ve decided to take your future by the horns and absolutely noone but you will decide your fate!

You’ve always wanted something more for yourself and your family.

You want that peace and pleasure that comes from security and success.

After all, the joy and the memories are in the little things aren’t they?  And when you’ve as hard as you do, all those little things seem much more sweet.


Umm, but  wait a minute.

Lets back up here for a  moment.

Peace and pleasure sound great, but they seem to be painfully missing.

Or maybe they are just buried?

Buried on your desk? At the bottom of your to-do list?  Maybe, filed away somewhere for another day?

Unfortunately, there’s another – much less glamorous side to this Commander and Chief gig.



It’s that place where the “dailys” take over your day; keeping you busy but not productive.

It’s the hours lost doing the little things that need to be done so your business keeps running from the inside out.

It’s that stuff that is slowly sucking the life and passion out of you.

The droan of busy noise crowding in on your THINKING SPACE!


Your business is your baby, its your heart and soul; your pride and joy.

But all the daily -do’s are quenching your fire.


You are the brains and brawn of this operation, so don’t kid yourself!

Your time is worth a lot of money! You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

Your gifts and talents are your ASSET, and you CANNOT AFFORD to  stifle them with those tasks that someone else can do.


You need to delegate!


Honest face…..

Right now,  how many jobs have you taken on that someone else can do?

Or how many tasks are there that someone else can do faster?

Are there things that you know you should be doing but dodging?

Or are there projects that you want done but aren’t quite sure how to get them started?

When was the last time you spent literally HOURS, tinkering your way around a computer program, trying to get one thing accomplished? It wasn’t all that long ago, was it?

(if you ever feel like you are going to throw your laptop across the room… PLEEEEEEASE, you need an intervention)


You need a Virtual Assistant.


What the heck is a Virtual Assistant?
VA’s are your personal ‘get er done go to’s’ when the odd office jobs are piled up, you or your current staff are overloaded, or the job at hand needs a unique skill set.

My name is Joanne Smith and I want to take that workplace pressure off of you and your business, substantially.

I will help you WORK SMARTER not HARDER.


VA’s can be contracted long-term for continual jobs or if you only one small job.

We typically work from a home office, utilizing the wonder of the web so distance and borders cannot stop us from a job well done.

We’re just awesome like that!


For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, I will get your OFFICE OVERWHELM under control, help you dump your workload,

buy back your time  and project your business forward.


My super powers are in areas of Office, Computer Tech, Graphics and Web and Social Media.

Click on any of the big colorful buttons below for further details.

Contact me as quick as you can to assure you can book my time – after all,  I’m a busy business owner too 🙂


Get those odds-and-ends caught up ASAP.

Stop stalling on those other projects.

Together, lets create something beautiful, slash your stress, find you some SPACE TO THINK and unleash you to do what only YOU CAN DO… building your amazing business.




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